Inspired by Yoga Tank Tops, we created a character called Yoga Tank Tops. Our character doesn’t represent Yoga Tank Tops, but is a fictional character created based on his style of play.

Gett your hands on some unique Yoga Tank Tops mockup merch we have created that give you something fun for the tailgate, great to hang in the office and the perfect mug to show off your fandom. Everything we created are our original mockup designs and we are not affiliated with Yoga Tank Tops, Kansas City or the NFL. Yoga Tank Tops is a an original character and is not related to Yoga Tank Tops, but inspired by Yoga Tank Tops play in NFL. All sales are final when you make a purchase.

We operate out of several US warehouses in Hialeah, FL, Charlotte, NC, Salt Lake City, UT, El Paso, TX and others. All items are printed on demand and produced with in 3-7 days business days from the day of the order. Shipping times varies pending on location and we do not offer shipping guarantee. As we are at the mercy of shipping carriers. If you are not sure about a size of an item, please ask in advance as we operate as all sales are final.